Family Line and Descendants
of Stephen and Maryanna Prusik

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  1. Parciaki, Poland: Stephen (Szczepan) Prusik was from here.
  2. Baranowa, Poland: Several Prusik Relatives are living here.
  3. Cierpeita, Poland: Maryanna (Bonczek) was born here.
  4. Wodzislaw Slaski, Poland: Kyriakos (Roula's Nephew) and Monika (Smyczek) Dimitriou Live here. Monika's Father place of business is in nearby Rybnik, Poland

Google Earth Poland

  1. Chelsea, MA: Stephen Prusik first settled here to worked in the shoe factory. Friends brought Maryanna Bonczek (or Baczek) here and arranged for them to marry. They let out rooms in their house for other new Polish Immigrants as temporary housing until they became established.
  2. Binghamton, NY: 240 Prospect St. (Demolished for NY Route 17 construction) Stephen and Maryanna lived here through the 1920s until Stephen was hospitalized with serious illness.
  3. Jersey City, NJ: Maryanna lived here for the rest of her life.

Generation One
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
- Jan III Sobieski, King of Poland

Marcin Prusik vel Lojewski
Born abt 1694
He married Maryanna Berk Abt 1714

Born abt 1695
He married UNKNOWN

Generation Two
1721 The end of the Great Northern War,
which was fought against Sweden. Although Sweden was defeated,
Poland became dependent on Russia.

Marcin Prusik
Born abt 1725
He married Ewa Abt 1744

Maciej Orzol
Born Abt 1727
He married Anna Marcyna Panus Abt 1746

Generation Three
1764 Stanislaus Poniatowski elected King of Poland.
1772 The first partition of Poland: the border areas were
divided among Russia, Prussia and Austria.

Antoni Prusik
Born abt 1751
He married Maryanna Gwiazda Abt 1773

Gregorz Orzol
Born Abt 1747
He married Maryanna Budka Abt 1766

Generation Four
1791 The New Constitution was granted by
King Stanislaus Poniatowski. 1794 The Kosciuszko rebellion
against Russians and Prussians.
Poland was wiped off the map.

Maciej Prusik
Born abt 1781
He married Agnieszka Mydlo 1802

Petronella Orzol
Born Abt 1791
She married Adam Baczek July 5, 1809

Generation Five
1807 Napoleon Bonaparte's first invasion
of Poland. 1815 Napoleon defeated.
Tsar Alexander I of Russia granted Poland (Warsaw Kingdom) a constitution.

Ignacy Prusik
Born abt 1813
He married Katarzyna Berk November 2, 1841

Franciszek Baczek
Born Abt 1813
He married Agnieszka Golazewski June 18, 1841

Generation Six
1848 Warsaw connected with Vienna by
rail and the end of serfdom
in the Austrian part of Poland.

Piotr Prusik
Born July 21, 1850
He married Tekla Kowalski Abt 1877

Josef Baczek
Born January 14, 1856
He married Wiktoria Orzol abt 1882

Generation Seven
1893 The Polish National League was formed in Warsaw.

Stephen (in Polish: Szczepan) Prusik
Born July 20, 1890
Died September 16, 1984
(94 years)

Maryanna Baczek (or Bonczek depending on the translation from Polish)
Born August 17, 1890
Died October 10, 1953
(63 years)

Married in Chelsea, Massachusetts abt 1911
Stephen and Maryanna Prusik
Chester Stephen Prusik
Stella Prusik
Charles Prusik
Pat Prusik
Walter Prusik
Genevieve Prusik

Chester Stephen Prusik

Born August 16, 1912 Chelsea, MA
Died November 30, 1997 in Binghamton, NY

Stella Julia Prusik

Born August 08, 1913 Chelsea, MA

Charles Constantine Prusik

Born March 31, 1918 Dickinson, NY
Died November 30, 1997 Manhattan, KS

Pat Prusik
Sophie Helen
Born February 16, 1921 Binghamton, NY
Died August 17, 2006

Walter Prusik

Born August 6, 1923 in Binghamton, NY
Died October 25, 2007

Genevieve (Jean) Prusik
Pearl (Apolonia)
Born April 20, 1925 Binghamton, NY
Died January 23, 1993

Credit and Thanks are due to Hank A. Walczyk (a distant Polish relative) who has built this Prusik/Baczek Genealogy. Thanks to Aunt Pat for forwarding me Hank's E-Mails and thanks to Uncle Walter for making us copies of valuable documents such as Grandpa's Citizen Paper and Grandma's July 1920 Passport.

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