Stephen Prusik's (Sczepan Pruschik) Ellis Island Manifest October 25, 1906

Ship Manifest S.S. Potsdam October 25, 1906 List Bottom Portion

Figure 3. The bottom portion of the passenger manifest. S.S. Rhein sailing from Bremen, Germany; October 13th, 1906. Arriving New York October 25, 1906 -- a 12 day journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Stephen Prusik is passenger 13 on this form.

Table 1. My attempt to decipher the writing on the Ellis Island Passenger Manifest for Szcepan (Stephen) Prusik who arrived in New York October 25, 1906
1.  No. or List13
2.  Name in Full Pruschik Sczepan
3.  Age Years Months23
4.  Sexmale
5.  Married or Singlesingle
6.  Calling or Occupationfarm laborer
7.  Able to read/writeyes/yes
8.  Nationality (Country of which citizen or subjectRussia
9.  Race or PeoplePolish
10. Last Residence (Last permanent residence, country and city of townParzaki
11. Final destination State, City or TownE. Dedham, Mass.
12. Whether having a ticket to such final destinationNo
13. By whom was passage paid?Self
14. Whether in possession of $50, and if less, how much?$3-5
15. Whether ever before in the United States, and if so when and where?No/No
16. Whether going to join a relative or friends; and if so what relative or friend and his name and complete addressBrother Julian Pruschik, Box 32, E. Dedham, Mass
17. Ever in prison or almshouse or an institution or hospital for the care and treatment of the insane or supported by charityNo
18. Whether a polgamistNo
19. Whether an AnarchistNo
20. Whether coming by reason of any offer, solicitation, promise or agreement, expressed or implied, to preform labor in the United StatesNo
21. Condition of Health, Mental and PhysicalGood
Height5 feet 4 inches (either a 4 or fancy 7?)
HairThey used a ditto here after Blonde or could it refer to Brown
EyesThey also used a ditto mark here following Blue but could refer to more common Brown?
MarksMole on Chin

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